The DJ Wilkinson Process

sewage treatment

Step 1: Surveying

First, we’ll pay a visit to your site in person in order to assess your environment and requirements.

sewage treatment

Step 2: Design

We’ll then put together a comprehensive drainage solution that will meet your needs and budget.

sewage treatment

Step 2: Installation

Finally, we’ll install your new drainage solution, and continue to provide support and maintenance services.



Sewage treatment specialists

It’s not always possible to link properties up to the main sewage network – the system may be at capacity and unable to handle new connections, or the building may be located too far beyond the network’s reach. In these situations, DJ Wilkinson can design and implement a variety of off-mains sewage treatment solutions.

Types of drainage solution

Whether you’re looking for an entirely new system or an upgrade to your current facilities, DJ Wilkinson offer a variety of drainage solutions for both domestic and commercial properties. We are able to implement and repair the following:


We can install and repair the full spectrum of off-mains drainage options

If you currently have an off-mains drainage system or would like advice on improving or installing a new system, the DJ Wilkinson team can carry out a full design and installation service. We offer independent advice on all available solutions, in addition to providing costings and feasibility studies.

How can we help?

We’re experts when it comes to off-mains drainage, and have successfully designed, installed, and repaired a wide variety of septic tanks, cesspits, sewage treatment plants, and soakaways. We offer a range of services designed to make your off-mains drainage solution as easy to manage as possible, and we’re also capable of carrying out work for insurance claims:



Drainage insurance claims by DJ Wilkinson

Claim through DJ Wilkinson! We’ve got you covered

Many people who experience problems with their off-mains drainage system have to cover the cost themselves when things go wrong. This can leave them with huge bills totaling thousands of pounds when they could have claimed on their home insurance. DJ Wilkinson work in partnership with a UK drainage insurance claims expert to resolve problems with septic tanks, cesspools, sewage treatment plants and more.

Have you got a problem with your septic or sewage treatment plant? Here’s how DJ Wilkinson can help:

Contact DJ Wilkinson environmental contractors

Step 1: Contact Us

Get in touch with DJ Wilkinson with details of your claim, which we will then register on your behalf.

Drainage insurance claim settlements

Step 2: Claim Settlement

We will then liaise with your insurer to negotiate the settlement of your claim.

Drainage repairs by DJ Wilkinson

Step 3: Repairs

DJ Wilkinson will carry out the repairs, leaving you with a fully functional and compliant system.