Septic tank problems

Septic tank problems?

Many people who experience septic tank problems and damaged sewage treatment plants have to cover the cost themselves when things go wrong. This can leave them with huge bills totalling thousands of pounds when they could have claimed on their home insurance. DJ Wilkinson work in partnership with insurance companies to resolve problems with septic tanks, cesspools, sewage treatment plants and more.

Have you got sewage treatment plant or septic tank problems such as a blocked soakaway?

We can help with a wide range of problems, including root damage to soakaways or drainage field pipework or tanks, cracks or fractures to tanks that may affect the structural stability, broken dip pipes or T-pipes on the outlet, collapsed/damaged baffles,  tanks that have ‘popped’ out of the ground (even if only by a few inches), or tanks or pipework that have been damaged by vehicle movement above ground.

Claim through DJ Wilkinson, We’ve got you covered!

Most buildings insurance policies provide cover for septic tank problems or damage to other drains and drainage systems under an area within the policy called ‘Accidental damage to underground services’ (or similar). Accidental damage can be a confusing term, but quite simply it means anything unforeseen that hasn’t been caused on purpose. Problems typically covered are those such as tree root damage, or a collapsed drain caused by vehicle or ground movement.

The definition or interpretation of accidental damage can vary from insurer to insurer, and many claims that we manage involve highly technical discussions. Our process combines technical drainage expertise with claims handling experience, to ensure that we can identify when a possible claim would be valid, and successfully handle all negotiations on your behalf.

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Drainage insurance claim settlements

Step 2: Claim Settlement

We will then liaise directly with your insurer to negotiate the settlement of your claim. We take care of everything!

Drainage repairs by DJ Wilkinson

Step 3: Repairs

DJ Wilkinson will carry out the repairs, leaving you with a fully functional and compliant system!