sewage treatment plant planning permission

Septic Tank Planning Permission

Do I require planning permission for a new septic tank or repairing an existing one?

Yes. Our advice is check with your local planning department but usually a new septic tank will require planning permission. Under normal circumstances, completely new septic tanks for new properties or developments will be included within the main planning approval for the new build project. The new septic tank will need to be installed in accordance with Building Regulations. If the new septic tank is replacing an existing system then Full Planning Permission may not be required, instead the work can be carried out under a Building Notice only, meeting the requirements of Building Regulations. It does not matter when your original tank was installed!

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what is a drainage field

Septic Tank Drainage Fields and Soakaways

What are septic tank drainage fields?

Septic tank drainage fields are an integral part of a septic system. Often incorrectly called soakaways, a drainage field is much more than just a soakaway. A drainage field is a specifically designed arrangement of perforated pipework, laid in trenches to allow the effluent to filter into the ground. They are designed to ensure aerobic contact between effluent and the subsoil. Drainage fields need to be designed to individual requirements taking into consideration ground conditions, flows, property boundaries and many more factors.

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Equestrian surface drainage

Equestrian Surface Drainage

Problems with equestrian surface drainage?

The drainage system of an equestrian surface, manege or riding arena is without doubt the most important thing to get right!

There is no point paying for an expensive surface if the drainage and below ground construction is poorly carried out. A poorly drained surface will lead to surfaces being frozen during the winter, water logged in the spring and autumn and generally un-rideable in the times in between. A well constructed arena will have drainage consisting of a series of trenches containing perforated pipe surrounded in a clean aggregate and geotextile membrane to ensure that water is drained quickly and cleanly from the arena surface. There are various ways to do this and it usually depends on the ground conditions involved.

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Percolation tests

Percolation Test

What is a percolation test?

A  percolation test is a test to determine the absorption rate of soil for surface water soakaways or septic drainage fields. There are two common types of percolation test, they are different and not to be confused.

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