Surface Water Soakaway Design by DJ Wilkinson

At DJ Wilkinson we have our own in-house design engineers who can design and provide detail drawings for a wide variety of services that we offer. An example of this would be a recent project which involved designing a surface water attenuation system for a self-build project.

DJ Wilkinson often carry out surface water soakaway design for customers who have flooding issues or require an off mains solution.

We can help you answer those difficult questions such as:

  1. What size soakaway do I need?
  2. How far should my soakaway be from my building or boundary?
  3. How far should the soakaway be from a watercourse or underground services?
  4. How will my soakaway be affected by the water table?
  5. Do I need a percolation test?

We work with architects and developers direct, providing initial consultation, design, costings and final installation if required.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation or advice on surface water soakaway design or other off mains drainage issues.



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